FairLife Food Program

FairLife Food Program

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MediTec FairLife acts on development and health as MediTec Group corporate social responsibility. We fund our projects based on own input as to form development of health for all people around the globe through our FairLife Health Programs. We believe that by giving back to the global community from our experiences and understanding, we also gain as a company from the growing understanding of the world that we share as this how we are making earth a better place to be in – together.

FairLife Health Program
FairLife health program is founded on an easy to follow concept where we urge that everyone continues a full social life and look at the small bits of life that count to health – but not hurts.  By exchanging some parts of our daily routine, we are socially just right on track, and at the same time, we are a winner in short as well as in the long run. We eat and drink as much as we please, and since we choose the right stuff, containing a lot of natural strength and nutrients – we find ourself doing this with great pleasure.

A fully nutritional lifestyle enhances the life span and is rewarding on a daily basis as it gives more energy and makes us feel better, especially for people with health challenges, this is of crucial importance. To live a longer and stronger life the need for cutting bad habits and taking up a healthy lifestyle is paramount. This is what has been understood by WHO in the last years, and this approach to health and a nutritional lifestyle is a very high demand today.

MediTec FairLife Mission
For good health pure water and nutritional food that is good for the human is needed to build a healthy immune system to fight off bacteria, fungus, virus, amoebas and other parasites causing infections, inflammations and as a consequence of this – diseases.

For a better health and prosperous future, we need to throw out the bad water and the bad food and bring in proper nutrition and pure water to fight off alien ill doers and build an active immune mechanism plus putting out inflammation in the body system.

MediTec FairLife – We are Together!

FairLife health program is founded on an easy to follow food concept where you continue your social life and changes just the small bits in life that counts – but not hurts.  By exchanging small parts of your daily routine, you will still be socially right on track.

You will be a winner in short as well as in the long run. You eat and drink as much as you please, and since you choose the right stuff, you will find yourself doing this with great pleasure.

A fully nutritional lifestyle enhances the life span and is rewarding on a daily base. It gives more energy and makes you feel better, especially for people with health challenges cutting bad habits and taking up a healthy lifestyle is paramount and is certainly true for Autoimmune reactions.

Autoimmune reactions lead to a variety of symptoms that doctors treat separately and usually by using conventional medication such as cortisone, immunosuppressive drugs, chemotherapy or biological drugs with the intention to knock out the inflammation, alternatively, to remove the organ in which the autoimmune inflammation causes symptoms.

The problem with this type of treatment is that when these medicines and medical procedures are through, and all is well and treated the autoimmune inflammation is still there and it will very likely reappear elsewhere in the body at a later date.

To achieve a solution to autoimmune problems, treating the symptoms that appear such as Rheumatism, Hashimoto, Graves, Ulcerative package, Conjunctivitis, MS, Rash, Lupus, Eczema, etc. will not do because the very autoinflammatory problem persists.

The solution is therefore to address the cause of this very issue.

According to functional medicine, which is what I practice,  we need to understand the actual and fundamental cause of the problem, and the ultimate reason to why these symptoms arise. After this, we see how to change the lifestyle of the person to adjust these causes.

It could be that you live in a stressful environment, maybe you have old persisting infections from viruses, bacteria, or fungi, possibly the food you eat does not assist you well, or the air you breathe may be polluted or perhaps the water, or there may be other toxins in your environment.

According to recent medical research autoimmune problems arise mainly as a result of intestinal permeability due to ingestion of gluten, sugar, pasteurised dairy products, trans fats, drugs and toxins that are unknown to the body such as substances from plastic and aluminium containers.

These toxic substances affect the intestinal epithelium and the metabolic functions negatively as foreign substances are slipping through the epithelium and thus trigger the immune system.

The immune system firstly reacts by a direct IgA inflammation and secondly by an indirect IgG inflammation towards the unknown substances that have passed the epithelial cells and entered the bloodstream, and hence an antibody is produced as a marker toward that substance.

This calls for inflammation which will occur wherever the substance is found. Because these substances are transported by the blood, the inflammation is not only localised to the intestine but instead, the inflammation becomes systemic and will occur anywhere in the body.

As a consequence, the immune system reacts by letting the antibodies set an attack on the substances by inflammation which also affects the surrounding body tissue. This may be in the cardiovascular system as well as the joints, organs, endocrine glands or the brain. Simply put, the inflammation occurs where the IgG antibodies entourage starts an attack wherever in the body this is, and the systematic inflammation continues as long the epithelium cells dysfunction.

The epithelium dysfunction is hence our fundamental medical problem, and therefore the solution is to find the cause of this disorder and restores a capable epithelium by which the foreign substances are no longer allowed to be absorbed into the body.

This is done by firstly removing such that interfere with the epithelium, and secondly, we add factors that help the epithelial cells to recover their proper function.

The first step is to completely exclude gluten, sugar, pasteurised dairy products and trans fats as well as toxins that may be present in hygiene products, in fabric softeners and heavy metals.

The second step is to heal the epithelium eating different foods such as liquorice, sauerkraut and genuine bone broth, which all heal the epithelial cells and renders them their actual operation.

Also, eat foods that are anti-inflammatory, continue the building of the epithelial cells, eat prebiotic and probiotic foods that are supportive of the immune system and the intestinal function.

You may allow your liver to fast 16 hours daily and that you break the fast at lunch and eat your last foods of the day 8 hours after lunch to fully detoxify your liver and cleanse your blood.

A full 8 full hours of sleep and preferably 2 more hours of designated rest in your wake hours spent at the ocean, in nature, meditating or enjoying a calm hobby balance your mental power.