FairLife Functional Medicine

FairLife Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine approach on Health Development.

In FairLife health program we work with Food as Medicine using potent supreme quality natural food to assist the body functions. FairLife lets the fundamental idea of the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates who is saying that food shall be your medicine, unite with scientific research of modern medicine join as one as all FairLife recommendations are based on this fundament of both natural and fully scientific deep level understanding.

With food as medicine, we recreate good health naturally taking your health to new levels.

This is the Inspiration and The Spirit of FairLife Health Program!

I urge you to take up these recommendations with your conventional Medical Doctor for advice and consideration on how this diet treatment will correspond to the school medicine treatment given to you. Naturally, your conventional Medical Doctor is welcome to make contact as to discuss the best treatment program for your future health.
infections in the form of viruses, bacteria, fungi there is a variety of treatments, and you should discuss with your doctor if you have remaining dormant infections that may hurt the body’s immune system and may further intensify the auto-inflammatory situation.

I am in my practice working with natural silver to manage various diseases as silver as a mineral has far-reaching documented to encounter and terminate virus, bacteria and fungi without having any adverse effect on the body – see http://silverlife.international/category/research/

Air pollution is best remedied by inserting HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner and AC.

Water pollution can be treated with specific filters based on each pollutant, though you as a minimum shall use an activated carbon filter that should be included in your water purification solution to handle chlorine and heavy metals present in the water.

Take kelp tablets that complex bind and transport heavy metals out of the body – see alg-borje.se

Use liquorice for intestine healing but only in timid amounts over limited time to avoid side effects.

Furthermore, people with intestinal problems often experience major problems with absorption of nutrients and minerals, as I pointed out earlier. This lead to problems with iron deficiency. The only absorption of iron which still is in function is of heme iron. I, therefore, work with Heme-Iron supplementation which has little or no side effects and significantly higher uptake with ten times more efficiently than synthetics iron – see http://optifer.international/

Eat good natural food, fat as extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil, omega 3 oil in fresh fish from the sea and seafood, avocado, olives, coconut, germinated seeds and nuts, fruits and greens which will not disturb your metabolism, and that will keep down inflammations.