FairLife Water Program

FairLife Water Program

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MediTec FairLife Division
MediTec FairLife acts on development and health as MediTec Group corporate social responsibility. We fund our projects based on own input as to form development of health for all people around the globe through our FairLife Health Programs. We believe that by giving back to the global community from our experiences and understanding, we also gain as a company from the growing understanding of the world that we share as this how we are making earth a better place to be in – together.

FairLife Water Program
MediTec FairLife Division from our understanding of health is initiating a project in Africa on the need of pure water through our in-house capacity of water purification technology as the most critical component for building a sustainable lifestyle is clean water. The body consists to a degree of 70 % of water and water is an essential nutrient transport element in the body.

To have a functioning body of high-capacity the quality of the water that you drink is of supreme importance. With pure water, the body will be able to handle the daily transportation of nutrients and give a complete maintenance of the organs and the immune system.

If the water, on the other hand, is not pure this will cause a full access for bacteria, fungus, virus, amoebas and harmful gasses such as Chlorine to enter into the body through the precious drinking water. These toxic gasses and alien ill-doers – coming through the polluted drinking water – drastically harm the functions of the body and paralyze the very immune system itself. The immune system is therefore not able to sustain a fully functioning maintenance of the body functions.

This means that the body will not be able to push out alien aggressors and we end up being sick. If we, though, drink only pure water our body will have much better powers to handle and kick out alien ill-doers. We can therefore by drinking clean water, free from harmful chlorine and bacteria, better stay healthy and vigorous. We will then be in shape to take care of our everyday work and thoroughly enjoy our life.

With pure water, we do not fall into the despair of the harmful water-borne diseases and a negative impact from toxic chlorine gasses from the tap water. No matter what is your health diagnosis; with pure water, you have a much better possibility to build a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) suggest a strong link between bad water and poor nutrition intake and people suffering from diseases.

MediTec FairLife Mission
For good health pure water and nutritional food that is good for the human is needed to build a healthy immune system to fight off bacteria, fungus, virus, amoebas and other parasites causing infections, inflammations and as a consequence of this – diseases.

For a better health and prosperous future, we need to throw out the bad water and the bad food and bring in proper nutrition and pure water to fight off alien ill doers and build an active immune mechanism plus putting out inflammation in the body system.

MediTec FairLife – We are Together!